About Poppy Willow

Our Story - Why We Started Poppy Willow

Welcome to Poppy Willow Pet Products. Our focus is to create highly sophisticated organic dog products focused on animal wellness. During our inception we learned that naturally occurring hemp oil that was being sold to animal owners was simply human grade products with the claim it was for pets. Many of these products were not naturally sourced and were being blended with products that don’t typically digest well for animals. Due to the improper blending of products many animals were so quickly digesting the product that the useful components of the hemp oil could not possibly be reaching full effect.

We also noticed that many, if not all the products on the market, had improper serving suggestions and sub-par delivery systems. The typical glass dropper is far from ideal when trying to give your dog the proper serving of broad spectrum hemp oil.

So we decided to create a Veterinary formulated custom blend of Hemp oil and combine it with pet friendly products.

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The Poppy Willow Difference

Our first product is a blend of Broad Spectrum Hemp oil and wild caught salmon oil. Many pet owners are familiar with Salmon being a phenomenal source of omega 3’s and omega 6’s. It’s easy on your pet’s digestive system and allows for proper absorption of the hemp oil components.

We challenged the industries current serving size and administration. At Poppy Willow your pet will be given the proper serving size through a sophisticated delivery system. Your Hemp Oil will be delivered with a serving syringe guaranteeing ease of use and better absorption. While the industry standard is to put the product onto your pets food, we suggest simply to line your pets' gum lines using our syringe and your pet will get the full benefits of the product.

We are committed to providing new and sophisticated ways to bring your dog the highest quality, organically sourced and healthiest infusion of pet blends.

Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil For Pets

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Our Commitment To You

Well, we at Poppy Willow LLC, are here to give you our word.  And that is that we are not here to put another questionably made, poorly regulated hemp product on the market.  We are a team of successful, well intentioned, animal lovers looking to provide a reputable product both patrons and professionals can trust.  What we say is in the bottle is exactly what is in the bottle.  We source the best ingredients, we offer the greatest transparency, we deliver the best means of product administration with the greatest accuracy, we adhere to the strictest guidelines the industry offers, we provide the most up-to-date information and we keep our finger on the pulse of related veterinary publications and conferences.

Our products are veterinary formulated for your dog. We are infusing broad spectrum organic hemp oil with wild caught salmon oils to ensure your dog gets the best product on the market. Your dogs product is independently lab tested for ultimate safety. And our market leading delivery system ensures your dog gets the full benefits of the hemp oil components.

In other words, you can be sure that if there are health benefits to be found in broad spectrum hemp oil, then Poppy Willow’s products are the best you will find.


Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil For Pets

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About Our Name

So, why the name Poppy Willow?  Well remember, both the willow tree’s bark, source of salicylic acid (aspirin), and the poppy’s flower, source of opiates, were thought to have pain relieving properties thousands of years before we ever understood how they worked.  Given the sensationalized reputation of hemp’s sister plant, marijuana, it is only now that the various compounds within hemp are starting to be studied and understood.  Still, there may be some positive health benefits to be found in broad spectrum hemp extract and we think we can safely assume you are here hoping those possible benefits may just help your furry friend.

Poppy Willow